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10 Best Outdoors Photoshoot Locations in Edinburgh

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I've been to Edinburgh several times now, and this magical city still keeps delivering new amazing findings to me. Even in the places I've seen and been to before, I find new sides to them and uncharted beauty. It's like a movie you've seen before, but every time you watch it, you notice something new.

During each of my visits to this fantastic city I make sure to get out at different times of day and night, which helps me catch those new sides and discover some haunting (and haunted) corners which would otherwise be packed with people during another time of day.

This month was my fourth time in Edinburgh, and I want to think that I've got to know the place pretty well. I've decided to compile a guide to my favourite photoshoot places - this will be a memo for me as well in the future, as doing a photoshoot there is still on my list.

Click on the names of locations to see their pin on the Google Map.

Here is my list of 10 best outdoors photoshoot locations in Edinburgh:

Circus lane Edinburgh; edinburgh photoshoot locations

An absolutely stunning narrow cobbled street with low houses and St Stephen's Church peeking from behind the rooftops. I came here on a Sunday afternoon, and there were just a few passer-by and me. It's a residential street, so being respectful and calm goes without saying.

Edinburgh castle; old town; viewpoint

In my opinion, one of the best backdrops for a shoot there is in Edinburgh. Barely anything is giving out the fact that you are in a modern-day city - it looks completely like olden days.

st margaret's loch; st anthony's chapel ruins; edinburgh nature; scottish hills

Would you believe that this is just under 30 minutes walk from the city centre? And no climbing involved, unless you would like to go closer to the chapel ruins. This was my first Scottish loch to visit, and while it's not too grand in size, it's nonetheless surrounded by majestic hills and lots of greenery. Perfect for a photoshoot in the nature!

st margaret's loch; st anthony's chapel ruins; edinburgh nature; scottish hills

old college university edinburgh; photoshoot

Some of the best natural lighting I encountered in Edinburgh! Even on a sunny day, when the lighting is harsh, here it's subdued. There is a lot of room for creating something artsy with the shadows and the buildings' beautiful features.

Guthrie street; edinburgh; photoshoot

Doesn't get more cinematic than this. There is a multitude of staircases in Edinburgh leading to and from closes, but this one is one of my favourites, one of the reasons being that it's not as crowded.

victoria street edinburgh; photoshoot locations

This is one of my most favourite buildings in Edinburgh, especially at night - the lighting it has is magical.

water of leith walkway; photoshoot locations

This particular spot is near Stockbridge market, but the whole way along the river serves as a fantastic place for a photoshoot.

anchor close edinburgh; closes in edinburgh

Another location with stairs, that's right! It's usually has quite a lot of people passing through, so best to come early in the morning, or after dark.

greyfriars kirkyard; burial ground

Shouldn't even mention it, but this is another place to be extra respectful in when taking photos. This location is atmospheric and powerful and has a lot of historical artifacts and burial relics.

george IV bridge; candlemaker's row

Just a few steps from the Greyfriars, this bridge and the surrounding streets reveal the true essence of Edinburgh - witchcraft shops, historical buildings and cobblestones streets. The bridge serves a picturesque view and a great portrait backdrop.

Save this 10 best outdoors photoshoot locations in Edinburgh list for next time you are visiting!


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