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Hi there

my name is Anya

 - a photographer splitting time between London and Brighton, nestled in Sussex with my partner and a collection of fabulous plant babies. Got my first camera for my 10th birthday (an old film camera, I still use it!). I became the family's unofficial documentarian, freezing frames of my brothers growing up.

Fast forward some 18 years, the pandemic hit, and it was like a cosmic sign to start a new chapter. Now, I'm working towards my dream of becoming a full-time photographer.

Here're a few random facts about me:

  • I can't live without travelling - seeing new places, meeting people with various cultures and mindsets is the best way of learning and igniting the spark inside for me. I've travelled across Europe and Australian West coast, lived in 4 different countries.

  • I love hiking, camping and exploring the outdoors. Dreaming of living somewhere close to both the sea and mountains! 

  • I'm obsessed with all things haunted and paranormal (where are my wannabe ghost hunters at?)

  • I'm a dog person, but I love cats too! If you have a dog and take it along to our session, I'll love you forever.

travel photography

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authenticity · romanticising life · inclusivity · creativity · freedom · adventure

london photographer

ANYA's approved list




alternative rock, indie


sushi, anything with bread


bakewell tart


interstellar, about time


stranger things, snowpiercer


dancing, plants, reading


dark bottle green
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