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authenticity · romanticising life · inclusivity · creativity · freedom · adventure


It's very important for me to capture the genuine moments, raw emotions, real feelings - the true essence of your personality, not some staged version of it. I want you to look at your photos and see yourselves, how you lived and loved, in the moment. In order to bring it out, I will work to get to know you on a deeper level, make you feel super comfortable and safe, and go through the journey together with you.


Turning life into a movie, seeing the beauty in ordinary & everyday moments, pausing to appreciate the things we might usually find trivial, giving in to the moment and living it to the fullest. I want to slow down with you, and share how I see you and the world through the romanticising prism of my mind and my camera.


My priority is to work with people who share my values and trust my vision. The rest doesn't matter - anyone regardless of their background, culture or identity is welcome here. I want to celebrate you for who you authentically are. 


Expressing myself and my vision is extremely important to me, and I want to encourage you to express yourselves as well. Getting messy, curious, playful, channeling your inner child, making that imagination run free - remember how easy it was when we were kids? I want to give you that safe space and create with me. 


Emotional, physical & mental freedom are all very important to me. I've always been a free-spirit, not behaving the way the society (or my family) would expect me to, and I value it to my core. Exploring the world, keeping the mind open for new things and experiences, searching for deeper meanings, accepting the unknown, following my intuition - "you don't grow when you are comfortable". 


I'm a wanderer in heart - travelling and adventures are an essential part of my life and I believe that exploring the world opens peoples' minds like nothing else. This is one of my main sources of inspiration and igniting the spark inside. 

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