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My 2024 ins: ELOPEMENTS

Elopements are SO in! It's a fantastic, cost-effective choice, especially nowadays when organising a wedding would cost as much as a week's rent in London (iykyk). Plus, let's admit it, with life's stressors sometimes making it hard to even catch our breath, the simplicity of eloping is a breath of fresh air.

I've been thinking a ton about starting to focus more on elopement photography, as it feels more me than the whole big wedding thing. I love the romantic spontaneity of it, making the experience as unique as it can be. There is something magical about keeping things simple, and you've got to appreciate the minimal stress and worries of "what if something goes wrong" - sooo many sleepless nights can be avoided without having to go through all that pressure of planning, especially if you do it on your own - it's beyond liberating.

Elopements are a whirlwind of fun and unpredictable turns, where beauty lies in embracing that freedom and letting go! Picture yourselves running through the busy London streets with your partner hand in hand, completely lost in each other; or strolling down a beautiful hill somewhere on the seaside, in your stunning outfits, which could be anything you want; would it be a perfect blue sky, or pouring rain - wouldn't matter, we'll dance catching the raindrops - as it's a part of your special day, and you are spending it with the person you love the most (well, and me). Oh, and of course, if you have furry friends - they are coming along!

So, drumroll... I have decided to offer elopements this year as an alternative to full day weddings, with a sweet deal of 4 hours of coverage on your special day - it gives us more than enough time to create a unique experience, wherever you decide to tie the knot. The possibilities for locations are endless, and we absolutely must incorporate as many meaningful to YOU details as possible. Maybe we recreate your first date in the city, or have a spontaneous trip to the seaside and do the ceremony standing in the water - whatever speaks to your heart, I'm all in. I will follow you every step of the way and capture the day in my cinematic, candid style.

In 2024 I'm offering this experience for only £450. I know, it's a steal! It includes the full online gallery, 4 hours of shooting, and of course, me by your side as your witness, supporter, and honorary best friend for the day.

So, just to sum up some of the perks of eloping:

1. Can't get more romantic that this - escaping together to the seaside, mountains, middle of nowhere, or your favourite secret spot in the city.

2. Stress-free - no sleepless nights worrying about the seating charts! Rather, the laid-back atmosphere on your day, free from any ruined expectations.

3. Unique experience - a tailored date just for you two, how cool is that? Make it the most simple but perfect day and don't worry about anything else other than what is truly special to you.

4. Cost-effective - think of all the adventures you could have with the money you save! Maybe jet off to New Zealand for your honeymoon?

5. Intimate and meaningful - deep connection with your partner, no distractions.

Remember that after all, would it be a wedding, or an elopement - this day is all about you and your love.

Are you ready for this adventure?


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