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Wedding Celebration Photography in Notting Hill

wedding photoshoot in Notting Hill

In June 2024 I was hired to capture a post-wedding celebration in Notting Hill, London. The couple had their wedding on the day before, and decided to have a cozy gathering of all their near & dear friends and family on the following day, which in my opinion, is a brilliant way to separate the official ceremony part from the party, take some time to rest, and put more beautiful outfits on! Anthony & Angelika made this extra special, hosting the celebration in their favourite local pub - Hillgate in Notting Hill. The evening was relaxed and fun, filled with banter, buffet style party food, cake cutting, emotional and fun speeches and multiple glasses of champagne.

In the midst of it all I grabbed the happy couple for a quick stroll around the neighbourhood for some private photos, to give them a breather and some time on their own (and me). We managed to get some very cute snaps with their dog Chewy as well - so precious!

When I capture events, I always make sure to focus on the environment, small details, genuine interactions, candid moments and unstaged fun scenes. By the end of an evening, I get to witness the most perfect situations, which can't be reenacted - it's the matter of being in the right place at the right time. I love to include these moments in the final gallery, as with 50+ people at an event, the couple & guests will not be able to see it all, whilst I very well might. Hope you enjoy these photos!

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